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Overview and Approach

CECyber ​​aims to address the cybersecurity challenge with the best in the world. All of our programs combine world-class cybersecurity fundamentals and the practical component, so that students experience real attack situations and act quickly and effectively in resolving the incident, always in alignment with security and business managers.

CECyber’s training programs are mainly aimed at the enterprise market and involve all levels within an organization, being divided into 5 main product categories:

C-Level: workshop with war room or table top exercises and case studies so that executives from different areas understand how to act and make decisions in the face of a cyber incident.

Data Protection, Risks and Compliance: workshop that demonstrates how an incident occurs in practice, bringing the reality of cybersecurity to the audit, data protection and compliance professional.

Architecture, Networks, Endpoints: total focus on practical experience, using the Cyberbit Range. The programs involve theoretical content of international standard and practical classes in our cyber attack simulator. The company can also opt for only practical training, choosing the most suitable scenarios for its team.

Applications / Software: CECyber’s Safe Development program also uses the practical component as a central training point, using platforms to demonstrate to Developers how to build safer applications with less vulnerabilities since the project was conceived.

Employees: awareness programs for everyone to follow protocols and safety practices in remote work or in the company.