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Dedicated RaaS

Range as a Dedicated Service

CECyber‘s offering includes its RaaS – Range as a Service solution, which allows companies to purchase and install their own Cyber-Attack Simulation Centers, thus having complete flexibility, availability and confidentiality for the information and scenarios they create, reflecting their own environments.

CECyber provides ongoing assistance in the training of professionals who will then multiply this training within their organizations. We also provide help in the implementation of the environment, quality assessment and scenario updates.

With Cyberbit Cyber Range installed within the organization, it is possible to measure and report on the evolution of professionals, and to create new scenarios, games and workshops in a process of continuous improvement, incorporating global state-of-the-art innovations.

Range as a Service provides important advantages, including:

  • Implementation of Cyber Range in the Organization
  • Standardization of client infrastructure
  • Possibility to teach simultaneous classes
  • Training of instructors who will replicate the training
  • Flexibility and Availability
  • Custom packages and scenario designed for the clients’ own environments
  • Assistance and Academic Support Program
  • Creation of scenarios, games and workshops
  • Measurement and reporting of the evolution in the training process