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For Higher Education Institutions at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, CECyber offers a Cyber Security education program complementary to academic education, providing students with the skills and experience necessary to start or refine a career in the area.

The program covers technical and non-technical development and executive leadership training, enabling integration with ongoing programs. It is delivered via our CECyber Teaching Platforms and integrated with existing Academic Platforms.

The courses are taught face-to-face by CECyber experts or instructors working in the organizations, duly assisted and trained by our company. They are also delivered online or via distance learning, including simulation scenarios and discussions.

In order to provide the best learning experience, CECyber also provides its clients with a hands-on module through the “Range Experience”, in which the student is inserted into a hyper-realistic simulation of a cyber-attack, so that their knowledge and skills are tested and evaluated by experts.

Companies and private entities are increasingly dependent on business models that are intrinsically linked to intensive use of data and are thus more vulnerable to cyber threats that evolve at a faster pace and sophistication than organizations can adapt and keep up-to-date.

Global research institutes have confirmed that the greatest risk in cyber protection preparedness lies in the professional skills gap for prevention, analysis, understanding and response to incidents when cyber-attacks occur.

CECyber works to identify the knowledge, analysis and proposition gap and delivers programs and integrated training solutions for companies and private entities, aiming to provide professionals with continuous updates and awareness of cyber threats.

With its unique ability in Brazil to offer full or complementary programs using Cyberbit Cyber Range, CECyber provides a state-of-the-art course in cyber-attack simulation in a hyper-realistic environment, which makes its approach and programs unique and highly specialized for the Brazilian market.

The Public Sector, by way of its state-owned companies, independent bodies and various institutions at the federal, state and municipal levels, as well as its Executive, Legislative, Judiciary and Military branches, can be considered the largest data-dependent conglomerate, from information on citizens to those inherent to their activities, many of them sensitive and confidential.

As an aggravating factor, the cyber risk for the Public Sector can hinder the functioning of basic public activities and services, which directly affects citizens.

CECyber provides a unique training model that can deliver standardized or specialized programs to government entities, either centrally or in a distributed manner, as well as aggregate cyber-attack simulation in a hyper-realistic environment – the Range Experience.

Government entities, especially the Military Forces around the world use Cyberbit Cyber Range, with facilities within their own organizations, which allows for the availability, flexibility and total confidentiality of the simulation scenarios built in every Public Sector organization.

CECyber exclusively offers to the market, including the Public Sector, the opportunity to purchase this solution through the RaaS (Range as a Service) model.

Employees in all areas of the organization need to be trained as they have an important responsibility in preserving the confidentiality of company information and data.

In professional development, employees must think critically about their duties and activities, and predict the impact that their actions will have on the company’s business. It is important that employees realize that they represent a business and that they have a role in the protection of data circulating within the company. To that end, basic digital security standards, such as backups, password maintenance, careful navigation, following rules and processes, among other measures must be followed.

In this sense, CECyber offers a training program that involves Distance Learning classes and seminars, with the goal of developing a risk-conscious culture, in line with data protection, presenting models for incident reporting and supporting the creation of a risk compliance culture.

Classes and seminars are designed in a non-technical language to reach employees at all levels and meet the requirements of LGPD, GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, BACEN, among others.

CECyber’s employee program is custom-made and adapts to our client’s routine, preserving your company’s productivity while your team receives the best training in the industry.

Executives and board members are directly responsible for and impacted by the cyber threat as a reflection of the business impact. The decisions they make in the event of a cyber-attack are a critical factor for success in restoring operations and business continuity. Thus, training these professionals is of fundamental importance.

CECyber offers an executive training program targeting the executive audience, delivered through distance training and custom-made workshops, involving comprehensive discussions of each relevant topic.

The main objective of this program is to provide executives and board members with the necessary knowledge to identify, understand, monitor and manage cyber risks. In the workshops we encourage interactive and customizable dialogue that results in the preparation of articulated and skilled leadership.

With distance training, these professionals will have access to a platform that simulates real-life cyber-attack scenarios such as having to make decisions in a case of data rescuing. By the end of the program, professionals will have the skills to respond quickly and effectively to rising cyber-attack situations.

Professional updating is required in all areas, especially in the Security and Information Technology segment. Professionals in this area know that knowledge is ever-evolving and that cyber-attack methods are always one step ahead. For this reason, adopting a continuous training process is essential to ensure the security of the business.

CECyber offers programs that involve Face-to-Face lessons, combined with online interaction and cyber-attack simulation programs. With experienced and qualified instructors, students develop knowledge and apply techniques that cover the entire Information Security environment and its various applications, processes and technologies.