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Cybersecurity Specialist L3

Cybersecurity Specialist - Level 3

Provides the student with the advanced training of the SOC Analyst, which includes a preparatory course for CompTIA certification and practical experience in the Cyberbit Range.


CompTIA CySA+ (40h)*

Validates the knowledge and skills needed to detect cyber threats, analyze and interpret data, identify and resolve vulnerabilities, suggest preventive measures, respond and recover effectively if information security incidents occur.

* Does not include voucher for the CompTIA certification test.

CECyber Range Experience (26h)

At level 3, the student will be exposed to 4 real cyber attack scenarios in the Cyberbit Range – difficulty level 3. These are practical classes, with 6 hours each. Scenarios contemplated:

  • Ransomware;
  • SIEM-Disable;
  • Trojan Share Privilege Escalation;
  • WMI Worm.

Target Audience

Professionals who already have previous experience in Cyber Defense teams and who wish to become Experts in Cybersecurity, and also for those who wish to be part of the CSIRTs – Incident Response Teams.

Level of expertise



Knowledge in Computer Networks, Communication Protocols, Operating Systems (Windows and Linux), Log Analysis, Fundamentals of Forensic Analysis and Data Privacy.


66 hours.


Presencial / Online.

Skills acquired

  • Compliance and evaluation of cybersecurity technologies;
  • Threat and vulnerability management;
  • Correction of vulnerabilities;
  • Software and systems security;
  • Operations and security monitoring;
  • Registration and analysis of cyber incidents;
  • Response to cyber incidents;
  • Recognition techniques;
  • Digital forensic investigation;
  • Cybersecurity architecture;
  • Identity and access management.