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Incident Response Professional

Incident Response Professional

Provides the student with the entry training of the Cyber Incident Response Professional, which includes a preparatory course for certification and practical experience in the Cyberbti Range.


EXIN Information Security Foundation - ISFS (16h)*

Validates a professional’s knowledge of the concept, value and importance of information security, as well as threats and risks.

* Does not include voucher for the CompTIA certification test.

CECyber Range Experience (18h)

In Incident Response Professional, the student will be exposed to 4 real cyber attack scenarios in the Cyberbit Range. They are practical classes, ranging from 3 to 6 each. Scenarios contemplated:

  • Trojan Data Leakage;
  • DDoS SYN Flood;
  • SQL Injection;
  • SIEM-Disable.


IT, Network and Information Security professionals who want to acquire knowledge and practical experience in the Incident Response Process.

Level of expertise



Knowledge in Computer Networks, Communication Protocols, Operating Systems (Windows and Linux), Fundamentals of Information Security.


34 hours.


Presencial / Online.

Skills acquired

  • Processes for identifying cyber incidents;
  • Recognition of the stages of a cyber incident;
  • Process and steps for responding to a cyber incident;
  • Containment of a cyber incident;
  • Elaboration of a cyber incident response document;
  • Knowledge of the PDCERF cycle – preparation, detection, containment, eradication, recovery, and follow-up;
  • Registration and analysis of cyber incidents.

Organizations that implement CSIRTs benefit from the following benefits:

  • Existence of security incident response mechanisms;
  • Institution prepared for emerging threats;
  • Increase the degree of security, by developing a culture of security;
  • Creation of mechanisms aimed at preserving the institution;
  • Introduction of a critical sense in relation to the traditional view of IT.