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Home Office Security

With the increase in remote work, there are also growing attempts at cyber attacks, especially those that use Social Engineering to trick users and gain access to corporate systems.

The CECyber Home Office Security course arose from the need to make people aware of the importance of cybersecurity in activities carried out remotely, as well as to present practices aimed at protecting the information stored by the company or the employee , so that everyone feels part of this process and responsible for the security of corporate data


  1. Introduction
    How it was and how the work environment was with the growth of the Home Office.
  2. Information Security and Data Privacy
    Pillars and Strategies for Information Security in Corporations.
  3. Home Office: Thinking about Security, as if you were in the company
    What we can take from the Information Security Strategy to the Home Office.
  4. Home Office work tools
    Features and some security guidelines.
  5. Security Strategy
    How to connect securely.
  6. Vulnerabilities and cyber incidents that can weaken the Home Office environment
    Hacking and Data Leak in a Home Office environment.
  7. Home Office Security Strategy: Making it happen
    Cybersecurity Best Practices for Home Office Work.


Professionals who work frequently or permanently remotely.


6 hours on EAD Platform.